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     This is a fantastic cleaning service. Their cleaners are talented, and always do a terrific job at my flat. It was never this clean! StJamessCarpetCleaners is the only cleaning company I need.
Moira S.21/05/2020
     What marks St Jamess Cleaners out of the rest is their flexibility and efficiency. It is so easy to work with them. I have been having my office cleaning handled by them and it is always terrific. Absolute spot on.
     The carpet cleaning service from St Jamess Cleaners was cheap and it did the job. There were no nasty surprises left either.
Rick M.11/06/2018
     I just had Carpet Cleaning St Jamess over to help with a good, deep floor cleaning. They did a great job on the hard floors, and on the carpet cleaning. Very impressed with the quality of their work.
Bessie M.28/07/2017
     Our place was a complete mess when we moved in. My brother recommended cleaners from Carpet Cleaning St Jamess and we have never looked back because the service is so good. Best cleaning results ever.
David and Marianna G.01/12/2015
     I love StJamessCarpetCleaners and their cleaning help. My home looks amazing after my cleaner's been round, and I love showing off my house to all of my friends. Coming home after a long day's work to find that my home looking immaculate is a great feeling, and I have so much free time too! No complaints here - even the price is spot-on and affordable, a great company!
Jim M.29/01/2015
     Students are mucky people, which is why for our on campus accommodation (which is mostly available only to first years) we provide them with a weekly cleaning facility. The cleaners from StJamessCarpetCleaners are courteous and tolerant, and always respect the privacy of our students. They offer an extremely reasonable price, for a very thorough job. Our students have yet to complain, so it seems that everyone is happy!
Dawn Andrews04/09/2014
     I am in a constant battle with my home. I swear that as soon as I finished cleaning it, another major mess appears and I have to begin again or give up. Thinking that I was spending too much time and energy on cleaning up, I called StJamessCarpetCleaners to take care of everything I hire their team to come every week and tackle the mess and dust that plagues my home. They see to everything or team and ensure that the mess won't pop up as quickly. I now get to enjoy a clean home and not worry about mess all the time. Thanks to them, I'm in an ideal win-win situation.
Witney Jeffries20/06/2014

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